What’s in Your Air Ducts? Find Out with a Video Inspection!

//What’s in Your Air Ducts? Find Out with a Video Inspection!

What’s in Your Air Ducts? Find Out with a Video Inspection!

A professional duct video inspection is a great way to ensure that the air in your home is healthy for the summer.

Whether you are concerned about the air quality in your home, or simply looking to give your air ducts a check-up, a professional video inspection for your air ducts is a great way to ensure the best air quality for your home or office over the summer. If you are curious to know what may be hiding in your air ducts, consider these reasons to use a video inspection today!

Mold Could be Spreading Throughout Your Home

Particularly in situations where your home or office has been exposed to excess amounts of moisture, mold can spread rapidly through your space and cause health problems to anyone breathing in the air. Professional video inspections are great for catching mold growth in your ducts early so that you can stop it in its tracks and prevent it from traveling through the air. This is especially important to the health of people in your space, as it can prevent illness and bothersome symptoms of sneezing, coughing, and congestion that are caused by mold growth over time.

Dust Could be Building in Your Air Ducts

In addition to bothersome mold, dust is another sneaky culprit of poor air quality in your home. A video inspection can allow you to see dust build-ups in specific parts of your air ducts so that the professionals can quickly and efficiently remove it to instantly improve their air quality in your space. Removing dust from your air ducts is another easy way to reduce your allergy symptoms each year.

Dangerous Asbestos Could be Lingering in Your Space

Because it was so commonly used insulation material in the past, asbestos is often discovered in air ducts during professional video inspections. If this material is disturbed in attempt to remove it or in a home renovation, it can pose especially dangerous hazards to your health such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, and other respiratory issues. A professional video inspection will allow you to see if there is asbestos in your space so you can ensure that it is undisturbed and successfully removed for safety and improved air quality in the future.

Let Our Advanced Technology Handle Your Video Inspection

At Air Essential, we use advanced technology to efficiently assess and remove the build-up of dangerous materials in your air ducts. Our professional video inspections include the use of waterproof, high-resolution Hybervac Cobraview Video Inspection Camera to thoroughly inspect the condition of your air ducts. With this, our professionals are able to accurately determine which services are required for the unique needs of your home or office so that our cleaning process is as cost-efficient and beneficial to your space as possible.

Air Essentials is Dedicated to Keeping Baltimore Homes and Businesses Healthy with Clean and Purified Air

At Air Essential Duct Cleaning, we know that no two homes or businesses in this community are the same, and we are always striving to provide the highest quality of service to our clients as if they are our own family. In doing this, we also aim to give back to the community throughout the year by participating in local charities and fundraising opportunities. In addition to serving our clients and all of their air service needs, we are continuing to grow as a locally owned company and family business in the Baltimore area with the goal of keeping your air clean and healthy. If you are ready to make your home or office a healthier space to live and breathe, contact our team of professionals today at 410-960-6135 or email us at info@airessentialservices.com.

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